• I was very happy to see the next generation coming out to stand up and make themselves heard! These students are striking along with countless other students around the world today, to help draw awareness of the needs to address our drastically changing climate. Earlier today I made this statement in the Legislative Assembly: Mr. Speaker, today all around the world students have gone on strike. What would be so important to our next generation that they would feel it important to leave their classes for a day to exercise their freedoms of speech and assembly? Climate Change. Why are our youths striking? They are expected to attend school. Sadly, to many of our young people, the consequences of Climate Change appear to be getting left unaddressed – the advice of experts being ignored - has left many students feeling that there will be no future for them. This is the second student strike this year, the last one occurred on March 15th, and saw roughly 1.6 million student strikers around the globe. Outside of this House, one Northern student has organized a strike. Her name is Ella Kokelj and she says she is protesting because “we believe that climate change should be taken more seriously, and that the North needs to show leadership in tackling climate change by ensuring we create an innovative and resilient society for our future.” Mr. Speaker, I hope that all members of this House will join me in passing along our encouragement to these students for their climate change activism and take a few moments today to walk outside of this legislature to speak to and hear out these motivated and driven youths! We must work to combine on the land experiences, local knowledge, best practices and our resilient and innovative potential to come together to become leaders within Canada and across the world to find sustainable solutions and workable adaptations for climate change. Intergenerational equity and ensuring our lands and resources benefit future generations is a key concern for these students and must be at the heart of all government decision making. Again Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the students and organizers for standing up for what they truly believe
    May 25, 2019
  • Great to be back in the Legislative Assembly to speak up for the concerns of everyday Northerners and the issues brought forward by my constituents since we last sat in March. We've still got a lot of legislation to review and many important decisions to make. Today I'll be speaking about the major changes to liquor pricing that have had serious consequences on Yellowknife's hospitality industry. I hope to get more information out to the public about the new pricing subsidy, the reasons for the price changes and how we can modernize and improve our liquor system in the NWT. #nwtpoli #KamLake
    May 23, 2019
  • #nwtpoli #healthcare #yellowknife
    May 22, 2019

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